Synthetic Calcium Fluoride

Synthetic calcium fluoride is obtained by the filtration of fluorine-rich process water and is sold as a flux to the cement industry.

All waste waters from Fluorsid's processes are collected and treated with limestone and lime. A fluorine-rich sludge is obtained and then filtered in high pressure membrane filters. For this production Fluorsid has developed a patented proprietary process.

Fluorsid's synthetic calcium fluoride plant has a production capacity of 30,000 MT/y.

Synthetic calcium fluoride is available in bulk (trucks and bulk vessels).

Download Calcium Fluoride specification and MSDS.

May 27, 2019
EUR/USD 1.120255
Alum, HG, 3-mo (lme) 1770
WTI Crude Oil $/bbl 58.6
Baltic Dry Index 1068