Fluorsid’s fluoride plants have been designed, engineered and built with internal know-how and technology, achieving high performances in terms of energy efficiency, raw materials' consumption and products' quality. In 2008, a new double bed aluminium fluoride production line was successfully put into operation and currently a second double bed fluoride line is being designed and will be put in operation in 1Q/2013 together with a brand new sulphuric acid plant.

The sulphuric acid plant, started up in 2002 and doubled in 2013, based on Monsanto's licence, has been designed according to the best available technologies with regards to efficiency, safety and environmental control. The plant uses molten sulphur from the local oil refinery to produce the acid and to generate steam, which is passed through two turbine generators (5MW and 7MW power capacity) making Fluorsid totally self-sufficient in terms of electricity requirements.

The laboratory’s analytical expertise range from traditional analysis, including ISO standard methods, to the most sophisticated techniques, such as X-ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy, Atomic Emission Spectroscopy, Molecular Absorption Spectroscopy, Ionic Chromatography, Potentiometric and Conductimetric measurements.

May 27, 2019
EUR/USD 1.120255
Alum, HG, 3-mo (lme) 1770
WTI Crude Oil $/bbl 58.6
Baltic Dry Index 1068