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Aluminium Fluoride

100,000 MT/y
total capacity
of aluminium fluoride

Aluminium Fluoride

Aluminium fluoride (AlF3) is a white powder, which is mainly used as an additive for the production of primary aluminium metal.

It essentially lowers the melting point of the alumina feed and together with cryolite it increases the electrolyte's conductivity of the solution, reducing the electric power consumption.

Fluorsid produces high-density aluminium fluoride through the following process:

1. fluorspar (CaF2) reacts with sulphuric acid (H2SO4) in externally heated rotary kilns, generating hydrofluoric acid (HF) gas and calcium sulphate (CaSO4);
2. the HF reacts with dry aluminium hydrate Al(OH)3 in five fluidised bed reactors to produce high density aluminium fluoride.

Fluorsid has a total capacity of aluminium fluoride of more than 100,000 MT/y.

Aluminium fluoride is available in bulk (silo trucks or bulk vessels) or bagged in 1 MT big bags, 1.5 MT big bags, 15, 25 or 50 kg paper bags on pallets.